Solar panels

Solar energy: indispensable building block in the energy transition

Solar energy is the energy of today and tomorrow. It is cost effective, sustainable and available in abundance in many parts of the world. Do you have an open site or unused roof surface? Then you have gold in your hands, because with the help of Adamant you can effortlessly realize a successful solar project on your own site or building.

About Adamant

Expert in solar parks and solar roofs

Do you want to generate solar energy on your site or roof? Then you have to take all kinds of factors and stakeholders into account. Adamant has been an expert in developing large-scale solar parks and solar energy generation on office and factory roofs since 2010. We lead you to a successful project in which people, planet and profit are in optimal balance; we ensure social support among stakeholders, only work with responsible technologies and partners, and aim for optimal energy yield per square meter.

Share solar energy from your site with your immediate surroundings

Do you have a large surface area that you want to make available for solar energy production, but do you not need all the generated energy yourself? Then provide local residents and surrounding businesses with your surplus energy and build a local energy community. Good for the neighborhood, for the planet, and for your wallet.

Adamant investigates whether your site is suitable for solar panels and looks for sufficient buyers for a successful energy exchange. In addition, we make the investment to make the project possible and arrange the necessary permits. We then supply energy to community members according to joint agreements.

Turn your roof into a green power plant

Adamant specializes in developing large-scale solar roofs on commercial buildings. We make a plan for installing solar panels on your roof, invest ourselves and carry out the project with an installation partner from our extensive network. We provide you with sustainable electricity at an affordable rate, directly from your own roof. Your sustainable energy supply is fully arranged for you so that you can continue to focus on your day-to-day business.

Forward-thinking and curious

Have an ambitious project in mind? Let's do it! Innovation is in our DNA. From the development of one of the first Dutch solar parks on water, to solar carports of an unprecedented scale. Adamant pushes boundaries.

Leader in hybrid solutions

We are curious about the future, which is why we are already experimenting in pilot projects with combinations of solar power and wind energy, battery storage and hydrogen.

Socially responsible network

Adamant works with high-quality suppliers with sustainable business practices. We strive for the smallest possible environmental footprint throughout the supply chain.

Evidence and steering information

With our digital monitoring systems you can easily analyze and demonstrate your sustainability. Think of your energy yield, CO2 savings and consequences for your energy label.

Experience and capacity

Adamant has been developing small and large-scale solar projects in the Netherlands and Spain since 2010. So we are not easily overwhelmed and can handle surprises. Just look at our projects.

Solar carports and solar parks on water

Solar carports

With a solar carport you can supply your sustainably generated solar energy directly to electric vehicles. This is not only optimal use of space, it is also very efficient. Adamant also specializes in charging electric vehicles. Check out Adamant RePower for that. In this way we provide an optimally integrated solar and charging combination.

Floating solar parks

Solar panels on water – for example on a lake that was created after sand extraction – not only make optimal use of the space, they also yield more. They can always be placed at the optimum angle and the water cools the panels, making them more efficient. Adamant was one of the first parties to develop solar parks on water. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are now responsible for one of the largest solar energy projects on water in Europe.

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