Our vision

Driving sustainable change

Adamant helps communities in transitioning to renewable energy. We develop clean and sustainable energy solutions, bringing together the best technologies and knowledge. In this way we reduce CO2 emissions, protect animal life, stimulate local economies and together create a sustainable future and a better environment.

Meet Adamant

Forward-thinking and curious

Do you have an ambitious project in mind? Let's do it! Innovation is in Adamant's DNA. From developing one of the first Dutch solar parks on water to solar carports of an unprecedented scale. Adamant pushes boundaries.

Carefree sustainability

Adamant takes care of everything for you. Both in terms of project management and financially. This way you can spend your time and capital on your core activities.

Balanced solutions

Adamant always ensures an optimal balance between people, planet and profit. All stakeholders are involved and we aim for minimal impact on the environment with maximum results.

Evidence and steering information

With our digital monitoring systems, you can easily analyze and demonstrate your sustainability. Think of your energy yield, CO2 savings and consequences for your energy label.

Experience and capacity

Adamant has been developing small and large-scale solar projects in the Netherlands and abroad since 2010. This means that we are not easily overwhelmed and we can handle surprises. Just look at our projects.

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