Charging infrastructure for electric vehicles

Today calls for electric charging

To combat climate change, more and more people drive electric cars. Leased cars and newly sold cars will soon all be electric. Laws and government objectives encourage these developments and require you as the owner of a commercial property to prepare for them. So take the step now to more sustainable business operations and install charging infrastructure for your employees, visitors and customers with electric vehicles.

About Adamant

Complete service: from investment to maintenance

Adamant takes care of everything that is involved with charging electric vehicles on your site. We help you complete the investment, arrange the right connections, install high-quality charging systems, monitor and maintain your system, and reduce the administrative burden. In the event of malfunctions, we also quickly bring the equipment back up and running. A complete service that relieves you of all the hassle.

Forward-thinking and curious

As a manager of charging systems, we always go the extra mile and dare to go one step further. As a result, you have one point of contact for all your challenges in sustainability and mobility.

Control everything in one smart app

Activate charging sessions, pay in various ways, receive a notification when a time limit is approaching, determine the optimal charging moment with dynamic prices and receive optimization proposals based on analyses.

Adamant Repower High quality charging technology

Adamant charging stations are reliable, solid and stylish. We only work with the best manufacturers and installation partners who guarantee a high level of service.

Foto van EV lader in elektrische auto National network of reliable local partners

At Adamant you can always rely on a local service partner with expertise, wherever you are located. Thanks to our long-term partnerships, we know who we are working with and you are always assured of a high uptime of your charging systems.

Service beyond technology

Adamant advises you on a wide range of challenges. Think of contact with the network operator, legislation, integration issues, technological challenges and financing.

Seamless integration between solar panels and charging stations

Thanks to our expertise in solar and charging, Adamant can provide you with a comprehensive green energy strategy. Choose solar panels on your roof or install a solar carport and make optimal use of your self-generated energy. Recharge your fleet when electricity is most economical, or store excess energy with a battery system. Adamant creates a fully integrated total solution for sustainable energy for you.

Adamant Solar
Adamant Repower

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